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"He's just some dog...you know..." - Qualified Expert on Dog Behavior

Yes, it is true. Bonaparte is absolutely no different to the dog you have tied up in your back yard right now.
If you would like some insight into just how amazing your dog is, nose around in Bonzo's kennel.

Bonaparte is my six year old therapuetic companion dog. He is forbidden from aggressing other dogs. We were vacationing at a house with two other dogs but, Bonaparte could not tolerate the chihuahua as leader.

Why does Bonaparte appear to be terrified by this sleepwalking chihuahua / fox terrier cross?

To find out just browse through some of the links to the Videos below.

The movie that launched him to fame

Funny Labrador Karate Dog

It was while making this movie and working on the slow motion part that I started to get the feeling I was missing something rather important.

Bonaparte's new toy.

Well it had been lost in the boot of the car for months.
I had tossed it out to him maybe 90 seconds before the start of the video.
A non-primate animal using a found object as a weapon. You saw it here first :)

Miji-moo gets clouted

Hang on a minute
what did I just see???

If you had seen a primate or even a one year old human child do something like that you would not be surprised at all would you?

But, this is a dog that has just done it...and you don't believe your eyes do you?

well...I'm betting you don't

Let's a take a closer look at that...

How about I slow that down about eight times?
Watch how he places his left paw onto the path.
Whatever he may be doing with the toy at the time, he is simultaneously issuing a challenge to the leader.

I recommend turning the sound up hi

Say hello to my little friend

Some of Bonaparte's Youtube videos have some very detailed notes.

We got a new bowse

Follow the links, read the notes then go untie your dog